A collection of instruments I have developed over the years. The instruments require the latest version of NI Kontakt sampling software to be installed. As of yet, most of these instruments are free to download and you may use in your music without giving credit. Some instruments are boutique and are for sale. The instruments may not be sold, or be part of a collection, sample packs, CD's, or magazines without giving me credit. If in doubt, contact me first. Asking goes a long way. There is no support on these free instruments. All code, graphics, audio and samples are created and therefore copyrighted by me the author, unless otherwise stated. Visit the terms page for more information.

Celestia Synthesizer

Celestia is a modular wavetable synthesizer for NI Kontakt, developed in 2012. In a way, it is rather unique and unlike other synthesizers as it uses formants to alter sounds. Presets can be created and loaded. The instrument is intended for intermediate and professional users who like to create their own sounds instead of relying on presets. Consequently, it only has a few presets.

Price: €9,99. (ex.tax) 

Jackson Pro Series guitar

This instrument is sampled from a Jackson Pro Series guitar with EMG pickups. Developed in 2013. For this instrument, I sampled powerchords and palm-mutes. There are 9 round robin layers for each chord. All samples were recorded clean, This means that you can add any effect -like distortion- yourself through the use of a plugin. The plugin has multiple cabinet presets as well. The instrument only works in the latest version of Kontakt.

Price: €9,99. (ex.tax)

Dark Drones

This instrument developed in 2011 contains almost an hour of custom designed drone samples. The instrument has 42 handcrafted drones. They are all around 1 minute in length and in stereo. This instrument has been downloaded close to 30.000 times and kickstarted some dark drone music projects, so I guess it's a popular tool. Previously free, In 2020, Dark Drones has now become updated and available for sale.

Price: €9,99. (ex.tax)

Viola Da Gamba

This instrument is a small patch with a few Viola Da Gamba samples. It is rather useful as an added effect to music, it is not a fully sampled one.

Download (14MB)

Bb Trumpet

A simple Bb trumpet for Kontakt. This is a basic version of The Trumpet, it has a small effect rack to color the sound to your wish.

Download (14MB)

Lighter Glitch

Rather a novelty. I sampled a collection of matches, lighters and this is the result. The arpeggiator makes it even more interesting or awkward, ...or both! It was mainly used in glitch music. (is that still a thing?)

Download (8MB)

World Instruments

This instrument collection has 9 different world instruments. Kenyan Sistrum, Vietnamese Cricket (Sanh Sua), Ghanan Marimba, India Hatheli, Kenyan Box Rattle, Kenyan Kpoko Kpoko, Thailand Ching, Tongue Drum and a Vietnamese Fish Scraper. Sampled by Greg Bossert, and turned into Kontakt instruments by me. Be sure to read the attached license for copyright details.

Download (9MB)

Pink Tambourine

A sampled colorsound pink tambourine. Model Toca TCT10-PK 10 inch. This instrument contains a sampled tambourine. It has 5 round robin layers, each containing 8 individual hits. This tambourine patch only works in the latest version of Kontakt.

Download (8MB)


A NI Kontakt instrument with the (binaural) sound of grasshoppers. It also has local ambiances such as a waterfall. Recorded on a Minidisk with a self-constructed binaural microphone. (Don't make me regret being that person walking around in a marsh with a crazy tinfoil microphone attached to my head.)

Download (8MB)


A NI Kontakt instrument with a synthesized Crumhorn. Using additive synthesis, I emulated the sound of a crumhorn resulting in this instrument.

Download (8MB)

Iowa Orchestra

A NI Kontakt instrument collection with orchestral instruments. Released in 2012, A collection of Brass, Woodwinds, Strings. Sampled by the University of Iowa, manually sliced and programmed by me. The sample quality isn't that great, so use critically as some notes are out of tune. Hey, it's free.

Download Part 1 (152MB)
Download Part 2 (100MB)

Orchestral Instruments

These are individual orchestral instruments. If you want them all, download the above packages as it contains them all. For brevity, they are listed individually as well.

Alto Flute
Bass Flute
Clarinet Bass
Clarinet Bb
French Horn
Guitar Classic
Piano (Steinway)
Trombone Bass
Trombone Tenor