Updates & News

Welcome to my personal homepage. Here you can find updates and news about me, my current projects, downloads of apps and other products I have developed as well as an archive of scripts and useful programs. 


A minimal font-end development JavaScript framework, similar to VUE.js, React and other frameworks, but much easier to work with. Magic.js is unique as it separates data loading and DOM manipulation from other JavaScript logic, making it much quicker to learn and easier to implement or add to existing JavaScript code.  Magic.js

Social Media Platform

I created both the design as well as all the programming: PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Social Media Platform.

Software: Open Shop

A webshop software written in PHP and flat file JSON. OpenShop will be ideal for clients who make one-time single purchases, handmade or boutique items such as: art prints, antiques, music, jewelry, books and stationary. Download OpenShop.

Software: Natural Grammar

Released a PHP class to process text and auto–correct natural grammar that follows the Cambridge guidelines as described in the Chicago manual of style. Close to artificial intelligence, it uses natural language processing to correct grammar, much like a human copy editor would correct a text. Download.

Software: Easy Captcha and JSON Bookstore

Released a standalone Captcha that uses random vowels and consonants to create a human readable word and places it with a random color on a checkerboard, and for students: A simple JSON bookstore to add books to a JSON file with PHP. Free download. Read more.

Instruments: Celestia synthesizer

Celestia is a modular wavetable synthesizer which I developed and designed for Native Instruments Kontakt. It is rather unique and unlike other synthesizers, as it uses formants to alter sounds. Price: €9,99. Read more.

Themes: Reaper Nano.

This professional looking theme for the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation, is inspired by the KORG nano product line. Now you can have your Reaper DAW look like your KORG peripherals. My goal was to create a theme that would make look Reaper less intimidating. I like elegance and simplicity, and succeded in my aim to approach this. Read more.

Acoustics: Mass-spring Resonance calculator.

A while ago I wrote this calculator to calculate the mass-spring resonance for a soundproof wall in my home studio. It calculates the thickness of the (gypsum) walls as well as the air cavity required (and fill it with rockwool) to find the resonant frequency, by implementing Eric Desart's scientific msr formula: Read more.

Dataset: NASA Moon anomalies

R-277 is a document released by NASA which contains a list with observed mysterious moon anomalies, spanning over 500 years. The list contains observations about unusual lunar activity ranging from strange clouds, flashes, lights and even volcanic eruptions. I converted the document to a dataset and released it here.

Programming: XUL to HTML converter.

Today I created this XUL to HTML converter after I needed to convert a few old XUL GUI's to HTML as Mozilla stopped supporting XUL. This converter is still under development as far as it will meet the need for conversion. It takes a list of the most common used XUL markup and converts it into HTML div object markup. XUL to HTML.